The New Mexico Health Security Plan

The Health Security Plan will:

  • automatically cover most New Mexicans

  • offer a comprehensive set of health care services

  • provide freedom of choice of health care provider and facility (no more networks), even across state lines

  • simplify administration, since it is not dependent on the costly and complicated private insurance system

How will it work?

  • The Plan will be administered by a geographically representative citizens’ commission of consumers, business owners, and health care providers. The commission’s meetings will be open to the public, and its finances will be subject to public scrutiny.

  • The Plan will be paid for by using existing public dollars, along with employer contributions and premiums based on income (both with caps).

  • The Plan will provide comprehensive primary coverage, but individuals and employers may purchase supplemental private insurance policies if they wish to.

Help us pass the Health Security Act and ensure health coverage for all New Mexicans.

The 2019 Health Security Act is below, along with a table of contents.

2019 Health Security Act

Table of contents for the 2019 Health Security ACt

Index for the 2019 Health Security Act

Health SEcurity Timeline