House Memorial 92

Now, a Memorial (the Legislative Kind!)

A memorial about the Health Security Plan (House Memorial 92) was introduced this afternoon in the House by Reps. Bobby Gonzales and Gail Chasey, who are also sponsors of the Health Security Act (HB 295).

While a memorial requests an action rather than requires it, our legislative supporters feel it is important for the House to make a statement about the importance of the Health Security Plan and the need for the fiscal analysis. 

The memorial makes it clear that the Legislative Finance Committee is to undertake this analysis as described in HB 295 and SB 279. As noted yesterday, the actual appropriations for the fiscal analysis are in the budget bills.

HM 92 was assigned to the House Appropriations & Finance Committee and was quickly heard by the committee following the House floor session. The memorial passed House Appropriations & Finance on a unanimous vote (yay!) and should be reported out on the House floor tonight.

What's Next?

After being reported out of committee, HM 92 will be placed on the House floor calendar. If we're lucky, the memorial will be heard tomorrow.  

So what's next? First, we want to stop right here and thank all of our incredible supporters. You've been there every step of the way--making calls, asking your friends and networks to call, waiting for hearings, waiting some more for hearings, and telling legislators why you want Health Security to move forward. 

We are so grateful for your support, day in and day out. And it really has made a difference!