Update at the Halfway Mark

Second Hearings on the Horizon

Halfway through the 2019 legislative session, the Health Security Act (HB 295 and SB 279) has passed its first committee in each house and is waiting to be heard in the State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee in the House and the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. 

When will these hearings on the Health Security Act be held? Possibly the end of next week; if not, then the following week. As we've mentioned before, there's an enormous number of bills out there—1,295, to be exact, not counting placeholder bills!—and that's slowing things down. 

In terms of time, we have an advantage because the Health Security Act is working its way through both houses simultaneously. Why is that advantageous? If HB 295 passes the full House, it won't be assigned a lot of committees in the Senate, since those committees will have already heard the bill. And that means the bill can move more quickly toward the Senate floor. (For a refresher on the journey a bill takes, click here.)

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