Dana Millen on the Air

Dana Millen at KFUN in Las Vegas, NM, April 2018

Dana Millen at KFUN in Las Vegas, NM, April 2018

Dana Millen, the Campaign's education and outreach coordinator, is a very busy woman.

She presents to groups who are interested in learning about the Health Security Act, updates Campaign member organizations, and runs Health Security bill workshops and speakers' trainings.

Since local people know their own communities best, she reaches out to individual Health Security supporters to help her set up meetings with organizations and community leaders in their cities or towns.

Dana also uses opportunities like radio shows to educate a broader audience. An interview recorded in May for the KSFR (Santa Fe) radio program Retake Our Democracy ran on June 30; you can listen to it here

Dana has a master's degree in public health and a PhD in interdisciplinary studies, with a focus on public policy and leadership. She worked for the Campaign from 2003 to 2012 and returned in 2017, after spending 5 years as manager of the New Mexico Department of Health's Comprehensive Cancer Program with the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Bureau in Albuquerque. Earlier in her career, she spent 7 years as a community health developer in rural communities in southern New Mexico.