The ACA's Latest Challenge

The US Senate's bill to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act was unveiled this morning. 

Among other things, states would be allowed to opt out of requiring insurance plans to cover what the ACA termed "essential benefits"—basic coverage like prescription drugs, mental health care, emergency services, and maternity care. 

In exchange for tax cuts for the richest among us, funding for Medicaid—which currently covers over 40% of New Mexicans—would also be severely cut. Read more about the Senate bill here.

President Trump repeatedly promised to repeal the ACA, and Republicans in Congress have been trying to do so for years, so this Senate bill and the earlier House bill come as no surprise. As dismayed as we are by these efforts to gut the ACA, they strengthen our resolve to put in place a plan that will ensure affordable, comprehensive coverage for the residents of New Mexico